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Executive Portraiture

Over 20 years experience shooting
Executives, VIPS, Managers, Board of Directors & Owners
Fortune 500 Companies, Annual Reports, Resume Packages & Press Release

Based in South Eastern Michigan and can shoot anywhere in Michigan, the Midwest, and
the US
Photographer John Lacy
can help you plan your portraits to add to your website & marketing. 

Preconstruction video documentation protects you against future litigation. Learn More Here

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Shooting both studio & environmental portraits of individuals & groups

Call us today to learn more;
or email John Lacy at Proshooter@gmail.com
In recent years we've shot 6 covers for Cahner's Library Journal Magazine, a top trade publication for the Library Industry. Covers have included 2 covers featuring Ann Arbor District Library (top center & top right) who we've also shot 2 Annual Reports. University of Michigan Libraries (top left, bottom left and bottom center -left subject.) UMI Archives (lower right - center subject). We've also shot the Kalamazoo Public Library for Library of the Year (not shown).

For each multiple setups were made in advance under loose instruction from the editor. Each article includes several additional shots inside each issue.
  Library Journal V125 no18

Library Journal V125 no13
  Library Journal V127 no09

Library Journal V125 no02*
  Library Journal V122 no11

Library Journal V123 no18*
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Call us today to learn more;
or email John Lacy at Proshooter@gmail.com


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