25+ years experience shooting architectural interiors, exteriors and aerial photography.

“The Function influence but does not dictate Form”
Eero Saarinen (1962)

My passion is making visual illustrations of spaces. I enter the space and find the visual cues in the environment. Whether indoors or out the view contain lines, these lines guide the eye and our attention from element to element. When making a photo I seek out these lines to build a reference point. The view may contain some distracting elements, points that are unnecessary magnets to the eye. With a shift to the right or left, up or down those elements may be minimized. In some cases that may have to be removed entirely to maintain the harmony within the image. The image that represents the space.

My process is to shoot several views as I discover them within a space. I search out the lines as well as the distractions. If a door need to be closed I close it. If chairs need to be aligned I do that as well. Some elements cannot be “fixed” in front of the camera. Usually just small imperfections; a stain on a surface, a reflection of something outside a window or a required element like sprinkler heads or illuminated exit signs. In those cases I diminish or remove those elements in Photoshop. In fact my process has evolved to be dependent on the post production which allows me to refine the lighting, surfaces and perspective to a degree I could not in a practical manner during shooting.

Be sure to see my Retouching page for examples of before and after my Photoshop applications to my photography as well as work I’ve done for other shooters.