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Picture Packages
and Print Orders from your Model Shoot, Wedding, or Portraits.

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Value Priced Picture Packages
Digital Print Page Options;

Available in Gloss or Matte Finish.

Each package sheet must be the same photo. Please indicate the photo number and the package option letter and the number of packages of that photo and package; 17 versions to choose from!
$19.50/sheet untrimmed, $25ea. trimmed out.

Package A  (1) 8x10 

Package B  (2) 5x7

Package C  (1) 5x7, (2) 2.5x3.5, (4) 2x2.5

Package D  (1) 5x7, (2) 3.5x5

Package E  (1) 5x7, (8) 2x2.5

Package F  (1) 5x7, (4) 2.5x3.5, (2) 1.5x2

Package G  (1) 5x7, (4) 2.5x3.5
Package H  (4) 4x5

Package I  (2)
4x5, (2) 2.5x3.5, (4) 2x2.5
Package J  (2) 4x5, (4) 2x2.5

Package K  (4) 3.5x5

Package L  (4) 3.5x5

Package M  (20) 2x2

Package N  (16) 2x2.5

Package O  (8) 2.5x3.5

Package P   (4) 2.5x3.5, (8) 2x2.5

Package Q   (9) 2.5x3.25

Each Package Sheet is $19.50 untrimmed or $25 ea. with each print trimmed out. Prints are Glossy by default. Matte finish available upon request. Some sizes may require proportional cropping of the shot.

Please remember that any scans, retouching, shipping/delivery and taxes may be additional cost to your order. If a scan from your provided original print or film is required the cost is $35/scan and includes basic scan cleanup. If digital retouching is required the cost is $90/hr. with the typical charge being for 20-30 minutes ($30-45), quoted in advance upon review.

Sizes not listed here require either a custom order or may result in less prints per print. For example 4x6 prints only can be printed 2 per sheet, however we can order digital machine prints for as little as $1.50ea., however we cannot guaranteed the color since we have someone else produce these.

Other sizes available are;

all sizes over 8.5x11

Photos on CD
Photos may also be available on CD at 150dpi (suitable for "good" but not photographic prints made on your own desktop inkjet printer. Includes shareware viewing program (PC only) and Printed CD; $35 plus $12 for each additional copy.

DVD Home Slide Show
We also offer slide shows on DVD for family or group viewing. Includes Title name of your choice on Title Menu Page and Printed on DVD; $75 plus $20 for each additional copy. Plays on virtually all newer DVD players, but is not guaranteed to play on all players. DVD-R by default DVD+R available upon request.

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