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John Lacy has been shooting amazing images for his clients for over 25 years - Design, Plan, Shoot, Perfect & Deliver is a process that results in images that make an impact in your marketing.


Design is Everything. Design bring balance and order to our lives and our experiences. Design has no rules, only aesthetics that tell us what is comfortable, arresting, flowing, sensible or chaotic. Effective design can use any of these when thought is put into the objective. Like a good story line a photo can introduce itself and then take the viewer on a course starting one place and ending at another. This experience may be different for every viewer. Design is the framework on which the story is built.


The process of making interesting images has little value without a goal. The goal is to contribute to the delivery of your message to your audience. This may be as simple as making a striking image that will stop the viewer in their tracks to consider the message you have to convey. Or it might help lead the viewers eye to a specific element in your delivery. To do this effectively the design and creation of the visual elements must coordinate with the overall objectives to make your message clear. This is an important part of marketing, and we love marketing when it's executed in a way that everyone finds to be useful. Great marketing is not intrusive, it's informative and it can be entertaining. We want to help you create this type of marketing.


John Lacy Photography is a husband (John) and wife (Diane) team of photographers and vendors of the highest caliber. While much of what we do is in-house we also bring to the table our support staff of designers, printers and finishers as needed to complete your project.
2453 Projects Completed
279 Clients Worked With
6849141 Images Created

additional services

In addition to Commercial Photography and Video we offer Web and Printing services in-house. We understand the requirements of these delivery technologies so whether we produce your deliverables or provide files to your suppliers we speak their language to best suit your needs.

Web Design

We've been designing and contributing to websites for over 20 years. We understand what is required to make an effective "web brochure" you can present to your new and prospective customers. We now specialize in WordPress based sites that allow you and your staff to manage and update your site easily with little to no understanding of the PHP, CSS, Javescript or HTML code your site uses.

Web Hosting

We use a fully managed dedicated server to host our clients and our own websites. We can offer you a dedicated IP address and the highest level of service and support available for an affordable annual cost. Hosting services include email, core component updates, backups and security of your website.


We have over 25 years experience producing large format displays for office and trade-shows as well as high quality printed materials such as brochures, catalogs, letterhead, business cards and direct mail. If you need your images printed for display or distribution we have a network of quality suppliers and can assist you in preparing your materials for print.

Why Hire Us?

Direct Communication

We are easy to reach - you can call John directly, right now at 800.317.1026. We want to make it easy to maintain the level of communication you're comfortable with.

We do the Heavy Lifting

We are happy to do all of the coordination for your shoot so you don't have to. Scouting, contacting participants or those that require authorization, scheduling around deadlines, availability and even weather. We can make a plan to shoot at multiple locations even across multiple states and present you with an accurate budget for approval in advance. Or if you prefer we can follow your lead through the process, whichever works best for your time demands.

We archive everything

I have nearly 25 years of images, videos and files on my desk at my fingertips. All project files are archived to optical media and stored in fire resistant file cabinets. Select files are uploaded to our dedicated server. Files are also maintained in duplicate on our state of the art 250TB secure in-house network. If you need a file prepared and delivered down the road it is relatively easy to do so promptly. We've been around a while and plan to stay around. The new guys can't say that.

Customer Proprietary Security

We've worked for all of the big auto makers and the big suppliers. We've worked for motion picture production companies and federal agencies. They all require security of their proprietary information. We won't share their secrets with you and we won't share your business with them. Your interests are our interests.

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Retouching – Before & After

When shooting outside the weather is not always cooperative. Sometimes a schedule may require photos before the site is perfectly finished. Here are some examples

Studio Tour

We have the ideal situation;A home based business with separate work and living spaces. We offer clients two indoor shooting areas, an on-site digital production


In addition to producing complete video presentations we can also produce short animations you may want to include in your videos, on your website, within your presentations or even within your emails.

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