Ready for Use Product Photos $29-$99 each!

This Special Promotion is a huge hit with our customers! We are shooting more and more of these because they offer the best “bang for your buck”

We shoot hundreds of these every year for our clients because it offers the best value for your needs!

We will shoot your products (up to 24″ in all dimensions) on a plain white or gray background under even “standard” illumination in our studio with our professional digital system and professional lighting equipment. We will then open the 16bit files on our state of the art imaging workstation and do a high resolution, high quality outline of the product, cutting it out of the background (solid objects only, some restriction apply to objects that have irregular edges or excessive edge detail like hair, combs and the like). We trace-out or outlines by hand – not through flawed automated processes! The outline is saved as an 8bit file plus we will add a soft drop shadow upon your request.

Files are delivered as CMYK or RGB layered Photoshop files or as flattened EPS or Tiff format files on CD or DVD. Files are approx. 18mb. or 10+inches at 300dpi. We can also include a web ready optimized Jpeg or Png file upon request.

We shoot many of these for a wide variety of industries. Many times a new client will call us to see what it costs to shoot 1000 items for a website. In some cases they just haven’t considered that 1000 photos will cost 1000x (any price). Perhaps they’ve tried shooting the photos themselves or using a inexperienced photographer only to realize that the quality needs to be clearly more professional to sell their products (eBay level photos just won’t due on a ecommerce website or a catalog you’re paying to print many thousands of copies of).

This is top quality professional studio photography. We do NOT use a light tent, nor a cheap camera. Lighting is set custom to ideally suit your products and may be a mix or diffused and specular light sources. We use the highest quality lenses on full sized sensor camera systems. We also design websites and print catalogs so we know what is required for the best outcome.

All for only $99 per shot (in quantities up to 40 items.) That’s a fraction of the standard fee for photography alone. Similar services advertised elsewhere for $125/shot or more!
Plus CD/DVD burn and Priority mail (CD/DVD) included!
40 items or less $99 /item
Volume Discounts bring
your cost to as low as
$24.95 per item!;
50-250 items $49.95 /item
251-500 items $39.95 /item
501-1000 items $29.95 /item

1000+ items only $24.95 /item!
have 464 items and want to figure out the best rate?
see quantity matrix for total cost below,
or call us for a written quote!

Note that your quantity may quality for the next better rate (500 items may cost the same as 464).
Be sure to consider that shooting 51 items may be cheaper than shooting only 26 due to the reduced cost per shot.

Special! 100 items for just $4400 – $44ea.
Complete on CD/DVD, ready to use for web or print!

Additional retouching is available. Examples include clean-up of product flaws such as scratches, stains, change color. Removal or additional of labels, logos, etc. We can also do photo montage of several products. Will also quote additional discounts for volume projects.

Need a group of items? We recommend shooting them individually and then assembling the group. This allows changes to the arrangement as well as adding, replacing or omitting items within the group at a later date. Super flexible and a better value.

Products must be dropped off and picked up from studio or shipped at owners expense.
These special rates are different than supervised, directed or location shoots (quoted separately). Shipping, prints and additional services are extra.

All costs are confirmed in advance. Payment at these rates is COD (we accept all major credit cards). We will be happy to quote your project!

Like more information?
Call us toll free at
or email us at

See additional discounts at quantity breaks:

Quantity Prices*
10 items = $990   ($99/ea)
20 items = $1980 ($99/ea)
25 items = $2475 ($99/ea)
30 items = $2499 ($99/ea)
40 items = $2499 ($62.48/ea)
50 items = $2499 ($49.95/ea) same as 40!
60 items = $2997 ($49.95/ea)
70 items = $3497 ($49.95/ea)
80 items = $3996 ($49.95/ea)
90 items = $4496 ($49.95/ea)
100 items = $4995 ($49.95/ea)
125 items = $6244 ($49.95/ea)
150 items = $7493 ($49.95/ea)
175 items = $8741 ($49.95/ea)
200 items = $9988 ($49.95/ea)
250 items = $9988 ($39.95/ea) same as 200!
300 items = $11985 ($39.95/ea)
350 items = $13983 ($39.95/ea)
400 items = $14975 ($37.44/ea)
450 items = $14975 ($33.28/ea)
500 items = $14975 ($29.95/ea) same as 450!
600 items = $17970 ($29.95/ea)
700 items = $20965 ($29.95/ea)
800 items = $23960 ($29.95/ea)
900 items = $24950 ($27.72/ea)
1000 items = $24950 ($24.95/ea)
 same as 900!
1000+ items = custom quote

*subject to approval upon inspecting items or reasonable sample of items. Items must be “photo ready” requiring little to no prep and clean-up for these prices to apply (I sometimes receive scratched, stained or dirty items selected out of stock rather than selected for photography). These prices are good for most items, but there are exceptions and you will receive a full written quote for your approval prior to shooting. Quantity pricing assumes items will be received and shot in significant groups at a time over a limited period of time, not 2-3 items a month over a year for example. Some higher quantities may require advance payment or deposit. If you have questions please feel free to email or call us. We want to deliver to you the best value and highest quality.