Studio Tour

We have the ideal situation;
A home based business with separate work and living spaces.

We offer clients two indoor shooting areas, an on-site digital production facility, semi private outdoor shooting as well as a multitude of entertainment and communication features.

The studios are composed of an intimate 300sq.ft.shooting studio for table top setups and client entertainment. This studio is also carpeted and includes a leather sectional with recliner, entertainment center, high speed wifi and wetbar as a client lounge.

office & studio layout

The second studio is approx. 500 sq.ft. with nearly a 12 foot ceiling and a 10×16 insulated rolling door. The big studio has a new epoxy floor and opens up to a walled 20×40 driveway, allowing up to 60 feet of draw. The walls are black, the ceiling is white and the floor is a neutral gray to match our 12′ seamless paper backgrounds. No it’s not big enough to shoot cars (we rent other stages for that), but is quite adequate for most everything we shoot in-studio.

Our offices include an editing suite,with state of the art computers utilizing multiple processors,gigabytes of RAM, AV RAID drives and large monitors allow us to produce in-house digital videos as well as Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign and other software. Additionally we have a photo quality large format printer (printing 24″, 36″, 42″ & 44″ widths) on site. Or we can burn a CD, DVD or Blu-ray with our multiple optical writers and utilize one of the many labs or printers we have as vendors. With our dedicated web server we can quickly transfer files to you and your vendors via downloads anywhere in the world.

We can also setup a temporary studio at your location with backgrounds, lighting, and everything necessary for your shoot. Our production van allows us to bring 9ft wide backgrounds, setup tables and a full compliment of lighting and camera equipment to any location.