After working for other photographers and after having spent 7 years working in Ford Motor Company’s in-house creative photo group we decided to go on our own – full time.

My wife Diane and I had bought a little bungalow home in Royal Oak and got married in 1992. We weren’t sure if we could make a living shooting out of our basement and garage. I designed some postcards and assembled a list of automotive suppliers. It turned out there was a real need not being served as our early clients were too small to work with a marketing firm.
They needed quality photos of their equipment, their products and their staff.

After a while it became apparent my customers also needed printing and design. Later they also needed webdesign. I learned as I went and tried to provide my clients with everything I could handle.

We sold that little house and bought a much larger one further north of Detroit in Lake Orion. Our new space was in the heart of Automation Alley and large enough to provide dedicated shooting and office spaces.

As of 2020 we’ve been here 22 years and it’s really nice to work at home. Most of the time we travel to our clients offices or shooting locations but we also frequently have them come to our home studio as well.
See our home based studio here: Our Studio

In-house we now have multiple printers including a 44″ large format photo printer. We have a network able to store well over 100TB of files. We have 6 fire-resistant file cabinets on-site to store optical media.

Our studio is a heated, insulated garage with an 11 foot ceiling that enables us to shoot most anything short of a car. We’ve shot motorcycles and large industrial parts in there.

We have a portable studio which allows us to setup anywhere we can set up a 9 or 12 foot background.

We shoot for clients in the greater Detroit area as well as in Ann Arbor, Toledo and Cleveland. I have clients that have sent me on road trips as far as Memphis, TN and NE South Dakota. I’ve flown to shoots in Atlanta, Tampa and Denver. We will go where ever our clients need us to.