Since 2005 we are a fully digital studio. “Back in the day” I started out shooting film in various formats – 35mm, medium format, 4×5 & 8×10. This required me to fully understand what goes into making a quality photo without the immediate feedback we have now with digital.

Here are our portfolio pages showing examples of our photography specialties:

Architectural – Exteriors, Interiors, Aerial, Commercial & Residential

Industrial – People, Products & Spaces

Product Photography – tiny parts to automotive & aircraft

Here are some additional links to some of my photo portfolio websites.
I built these to feature large examples of my work, but they load a bit slowly, so please be patient.
is a collection of my architectural interior, exterior and aerial photography that I’ve produced for general contractors, specialty contractors, investment property brokers, owners and materials suppliers.
showcases some of my work for manufacturers featuring equipment, machines, facilities and staff.
is geared towards the work we do for the hospitality industry which includes restaurants, hotels, casinos, and resorts. You can see examples of our architectural, food and people photography.

In addition to these we do quite a bit of work documenting roadways and properties as a preconstruction process. Shooting stills, time-lapse, video and aerials as needed for construction and engineering companies as well as pipeline and wind farm developers.

A small specialty we developed a few years back stemmed from my experience working in the auto industry. With experience shooting vehicle interiors and exteriors, both on location and in-studio we’ve also been servicing the aviation industry shooting private aircraft, small to mid-sized yachts and a few custom motorcycles. Here’s just a few examples. More can be viewed at