Our Photo Specialty Websites

John Lacy is trained in a surprisingly wide section of specialties. This due to his experience working with many other photographers early in his career as well as the diverse needs of his early clients.

Here are several associate website both ready to view and several in the works that feature examples of John’s photography in these areas of specialty (links open in new tab):

A portfolio site with large images – slow: it loads a little slow, please be patient. Features our Architectural Photography.

A portfolio site with large images – slow: it loads a little slow, please be patient. Features our Industrial & Corporate Photography.

Photography-for-Hotels.com & Photography-for-Restaurants.com
A portfolio site with large images – slow: it loads a little slow, please be patient. Features our Architectural, Food & Staff Photography for the Hospitality Industry; Resorts, Casinos, Charter Services, Hotels & Restaurants.

having studied photography and design and the University of Michigan we travel to Ann Arbor frequently from our base in Lake Orion. Our clients in Ann Arbor include property managers, construction companies, manufacturers and their R&D facilities. As you’ll see we also shoot aerial photography of greater Ann Arbor including the BIG HOUSE.

Aircraft-Photographer.com coming soon
for several years we produced photography for both charter brochures as well as broker sales materials featuring various private aircraft. This site provides examples of that work. We are happy to travel anywhere to provide similar images with the latest equipment and capabilities.

Automotive-Photographer.com coming soon
John worked at Ford Motor Company’s Creative Photography group for 7 years. Before that he worked for over 100 other photographers as a assistant, about half of whom specialized in automotive photography.
Our experience includes both studio and location as well as interiors and exterior views with many different looks depending on the needs of our clients. We shoot cars, heavy trucks, motorcycles, aircraft and boats of all sizes and types.

Catalog-Photographer.com coming soon
We’ve been shooting small products for catalogs and websites for over 20 years. We can provide superior quality and top value by offering our customers volume discounts for similar products photographed over a set time period. Rates for finished, ready to use image files are as low as $29/file. Rates start at $99/product for most products meeting the basic requirements. At $29-99/image this is a rate few can match.

Construction-Photographer.com coming soon
We shoot architectural subjects for Architects, Property owners and Brokers as well as property managers and architectural product manufacturers, but our largest customers base is made up of construction companies. This site features our photography for general contractors and specialty contractors.
We shoot finished project beauty shots as well as in-process photography showing both progress and the men and women craftsmen performing the work.

Preconstruction-Photographer.com NOW LIVE
Over the years we’ve designed and honed a process of documenting pre-existing site conditions for worksites planned for development. This includes adjacent property, engineering lines and markers, haul routes and staging areas. The principal goal being to produce a legal document of the areas of concern. Documentation protects our clients from potential litigation when claims are made, rightly or wrongly, after the construction is complete and the original state is no longer obvious.

Our “mother-ship”. This is our website that started it all. Originally developed in the late ’90’s, it’s had many minor updates. This site, Proshooter.net may replace it at some point, but the well established traffic to Proshooter.com makes us reluctant to mess with what works, for now anyway.

Your Website
You can see that we have the capability and the capacity to host a significant number of websites. We do this by leasing a managed dedicated web server – that is a stand alone computer maintained at a “server farm” here in Michigan that hosts only our websites. This means that we are not sharing IP addresses, space and resources with a bunch of sites we are not aware of that could potentially spread computer viruses or get our sites IP addresses blocked due to sending out SPAM or hosting questionable content.

We currently build, host and manage websites for about a dozen of our clients, some with their own dedicated IP addresses. We use WordPress CMS architecture for our new sites which allows you to manage and update your site as often as you like or have us take care of it for you. We regularly make core and plugin updates and can manage your domains as well so your identity is protected and we use our controls to filter out scammers and frauds sending you unsolicited bills or domain change notices.

While we can’t provide hosting for $5/month like some basement level services we can ensure control, backups, and quick component updates. If you have any issues we can’t quickly resolve we tap our award winning support team at our server host and work on your behalf so you only need to make one call – to us. Rates start as low as $19.50/month (paid annually) and currently top out at $49.50/month. That means for $234-594/yr you can have top shelf customer service on a dedicated web server in Michigan. Give us a call or send an email if you are interested.

If you would like your own fully manged dedicated server we can assist you with that too as a full partner with our Michigan based service.